#016 (Dec. 2021) How to make a video to promote DeSo and earn referral$

The best way to make money with DeSo's referral program is through videos that explain the benefits of decentralized social networking and include your referral link in the description.

Last month, @FastFreddie, a member of the DeSo Foundation, announced the launch of the Youtube Video Contest, a video contest designed to explain and promote DeSo.
About twenty Desonians took part in this competition.

We asked them to tell us the secrets of their videos. 

Matreshka: DeSo explained by some of the trusted creators and their perspective

@Matreshka: I wanted to present videos about DeSo by some of the trusted creators and their perspective. So getting a few of them together to create a series of videos for future DeSo users felt important. THe most difficult part was to get people together as our schedules are all different and time zones are far and wide. So instead of my initial vision of doing one video with segments from OGs it turned into series. FF gave us a few ideas on what they want to see in the videos. And of course I also wanted to add the topics that are highly important for me and many other users on the platform - community and memes. Memes seem to be one of the best entertainment of DeSo and since joining it I myself became a memer and now spend every thursday night at @streamclout at 7 pm PST. [Streamclout is a native live streaming show which organizes Meme battles every Thurs @ 7PM PST].  

As for technical side of the videos, I am not video savvy yet. So we just recorded it in the Zoom and uploaded to video. It would have been nice to have someone who can help with editing videos in the future as I am continuing the series.


Matreshka’s videos:

BitCloutPress: why DeSo blockchain is uniquely suited for social media

BitCloutPress: In my video I try to strike at the heart of what makes DeSo distinct and break it down for people simply. Seeing the evolution of understanding of the platform from the first impression, built on misunderstanding and rushing to judgment, followed by offering a thoughtful, nuanced perspective as to why DeSo is uniquely suited--with the blockchain storage capabilities--for a data-heavy social media use case--to scale this use case best when compared to other blockchains. My account seeks to craft long-form written, audio, and video content on DeSo-specific news.

For the technical part, I just used Powerpoint and Zoom. Took about an hour of planning then 25 min of filming then a bit of editing and it was live. Well, I recorded it first entirely on Canva's new presentation wizard but that crashed so I had to film it again, haha. So I jumped over to Zoom, which always makes it easy. 


BitCloutPress’ Video:

  • DeSo BitClout PrimerDeSo is a new layer-1 blockchain built from the ground up to scale decentralized social applications to one billion users

Jody Bossert: The decentralized world is wild and unregulated, much like the animal kingdom

@jodybossert: The concept for The Decentralized Social Zoo (An Intro to DeSo) hit me the morning of my wife's birthday when we were setting out for a family day at the zoo. The decentralized world is wild and unregulated, much like the animal kingdom so I thought this would make for a fun, unique angle. Plus, there are so many great animal NFTs that I knew the video would be a blast to produce. The only problem was that the deadline was about 72 hours away and there was a TON of graphics work to be done!

We have plenty of developers and crypto people on DeSo already, so my hope was to appeal to two particular demographics: the NFT community with an emphasis on easy minting and miniscule gas fees and the general public who simply want to enjoy a social networking experience that is, well, FUN!

To create the video, I began by searching for an Adobe Premiere animal video template on Envato Elements. The only one I could find was an Adobe After Effects file - a program I only had limited experience in. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to officially add Adobe AE to my resume, so to create the story outline, I loaded it into AE, set the length at 90 seconds, and was off and running! With the tight deadline and intense workload in mind, a short 90 second video seemed most achievable. Plus, I felt it would be easily shareable and worth a quick view for people. I then considered what NFTs were available that matched my footage and came up with titles for each scene. Next, I jumped over to Photoshop to cut out the NFTs from their backgrounds, animated those characters in Adobe Premiere, then added them back to the AE template. I then exported that final video over to Premiere once again to add audio, starting with a music track found on Envato Elements.  Due to my rushed nature, I was totally backwards in my approach and didn't actually write the script until the very last step. I only had about 10 seconds to discuss each scene's topic so many of my animal jokes and finer details about DeSo's technology didn't make the cut.

My challenges were twofold. First, AE proved extra challenging and time-consuming to learn. Second, I was up against a tight deadline. As a matter of fact, I did miss the deadline which I thought was 11:59pm on November 30th. I was running behind and committed to creating a quality video for the community so in the final few hours I decided to skip the contest, take my time, and do it right. On December 1st however, I realized there was still time so I put my head down and got to work! 

Although the final product still has more of a rushed feel than I would like, hopefully I was able to convey the beautiful world that is our DeSo zoo and people are quick to ape in!

NFT projects featured in the video include: 

@CloutPunk@murselat@BeerBuds@Ballsies@CompulsiveDoodler@HighKey@Weird_Unicorns@Bleep (collab w/ @SavingTheSurvivors), @CLOUT_COCKS@PokerVampires@yigitcakar@Murkury@paulmp@PlanetaryApeGang@Luckyapes@CloutDragons@BadassBaboons@RowdyReptilians@valeriaC@Cranues@DeSosaurus (collab w/ @DoWhatYouLove), @Desomon@Unicat@ClaraMouse@CloutJacks@DeSoTrollz@WrinkledPugs@NiksMcCoy@spookies.


 Jody Bossert’s video:

  • The Decentralized Social Zoo (An Intro to DeSo). Whales, bulls, and bears, oh my! Web 3.0 is here and DeSo is the ultimate blockchain to quickly bring you up to speed. Engage with the community on one of the many apps (called nodes) built on the blockchain and the supportive community there will help guide the way!

Nataliart: Video in NFT format

@NataliartThe original idea for this video was for everyone to tell on camera why they love Deso and stay there. And, honestly, we made such a video, and it came out very long. But then we decided not to do it like everyone else. The main idea was to make it look like a commercial, and the goal was for the video to be under 1 minute.

Briefly talk about the benefits of the platform and entice the viewer not only with words, but also with pictures.

We believe that we are the only ones who made it in the format of the platform, that is, in nft format. It was a labor-intensive amount of work. It takes me about three days to create one nft. And here we have seven different nfts and plus Nader's nft that I put at the beginning.

I made this video in two sleepless days since we made the decision to enter the contest late.

Although we didn't get the most views on YouTube, our video post on DeSo got the most likes, diamonds and reposts.

It was a cool experience and we are very grateful to everyone who supported us. 


Nataliart’s Video:

  • DeSo — We Are In The Future! DeSo blockchain is a social media for engagement, investment and monetization. It’s has a great community like a big family. We can use diamonds as reward. Received diamonds automatically reflects on your wallet balance.

"DeSo Future team": @Nataliart@sabira@Vitalife@natalia_bel@zulfy@fantasticwoman and @ozadorozhnyak. 

Barry Mode: getting my YouTube followers to join DeSo

@BarryMode: Basically, I used referrals as an incentive to try to get my YouTube followers to join DeSo, after explaining to them a little about it. What made mine different from others is I was offering them content they could access with a DeSo account on my website. I’ve implemented “login with DeSo” by using the WordPress plugin, CloutFire. It was a cross between DeSo and my YouTube channel and I hope it will serve as a new on-ramp for more people.

From script to finish, it took about 7-8 hours. The website portion that I used in the video was months of prep work because I built the CloutFire plugin first before using it on my website. Then the content on the website itself (like the UI, the audio player, and linking up my music) took another month or so because I was doing this in my spare time. 

I was planning to make this anyway, but it coincided with that contest really nicely. 


BarryMode’s Video: 

Brian Meeks: a tutorial where I walked my friend Sherri through BitClout / DiamondApp / NachoAverage and Stetnode

@MeeksThe first 41-seconds I created with stock photos, mostly from iStockPhoto with a couple from Adobe's stock platform. I have subscriptions.

The copy for the first part I wrote in Word and then went to find the images I thought worked best. What's nice about the stock sites is one can download a watermarked version first.
With those I built out the video and only after I liked the results, did I go back and license each image. Or so I thought!
The 41-second video was up for a bit alone and someone pointed out that one of the images still had the watermarks. Ugh.
I had bought the image, uploaded into Camtasia 2020 (the video editing software I used for the project) but I had not swapped it out.
It was an easy fix and the short $DeSo ad video was done.

The remaining 23-minutes was a tutorial where I walked my friend Sherri (@ShareWellSHERRI) through BitClout / DiamondApp / NachoAverage and Stetnode.

We've been friends for 35-years and I've been teasing my 4985 FB friends about this "new platform" since October. Whenever they DM me, I give them a referral link and offer to help them understand the basics.
When it was Sherri's turn, because I knew she would, throughout the lesson hit me with some great puns, as she is wont to do, I asked her if we could record it.
Sherri has modeled and acted, so being on camera is something she's comfortable with and I thought it turned out great.

The post-production work on that part of the video took about 6-hours, while the 41-second section took 5-hours.

All-in-all, I was happy with the end result.

I've been sharing it heavily in my two Facebook Author groups (12,000 authors) and it's been well received.

I truly believe this platform is the future, so making videos like this one seems like a good use of my time.

And the channel it runs on, KoalaTBooks is part of a new SECRET startup project I'm working on with @chriscelaya and @Sandirose.


Meeks’ Video:

  • Intro To Deso and Web 3 0. Built on the Blockchain, this DiamondApp tutorial will walk you through the top features and talk briefly about the crypto currency $DeSo.

CloutForum: the difference between teaching online to an existing audience and creating a YouTube Promo video

@CloutForumWith the sudden announcement of the DeSo video Competition and the prize money, Alex and Mark both realized they had an incredible opportunity to showcase their CloutForum project with a solid chance of securing the $DeSo to support our upcoming launch! 

Video Entry 1/2 - 14:25 length
Decentralized Facebook?! Can a Decentralized Social Blockchain save the Metaverse?

With @AlexRokin flat out working on a secret yet very exciting new NFT project, @MarkBentley took the lead in the initial video with a vision to capture the bigger picture of why DeSo?

The first take was brutal, with Mark Bentley discovering the difference between teaching online to an existing audience and creating a YouTube Promo video that would keep the new viewers' short attention span engaged. 

After some very solid yet ego bruising feedback from his nearest and dearest friends, Mark brushed off his shoulders and cut out everything he could find that was not essential, then spent over 200 takes to get one that flowed from start to finish! 

Many hours were then spent researching/learning everything he could find on SEO for YouTube while Alex took over and shared the Video everywhere he could, throughout the centralized Social Media world to help get traction.

Video Entry 2/2 - 0:46 Length
Deso Teaser/The Answer to Meta?! 

After seeing the high energy levels of @HighKey when they brought out their entry, Alex quickly recognised the need for a much punchier/shorter promo teaser video and set to work spending many long hours searching the internet for the perfect After Effects Template/Music. 

Having done the hard work in gathering the framework and resources to put the video together, Alex then sent it all over to Mark who proceeded to download and learn a masterclass in video editing to stitch the vision all together! 

Word on the CloutForum street is Mark came very close to quiting Adobe many times in his 48 hour intense deep dive before eventually breaking through and creating the video in time to support the first video entry SEO and engagement.

The $1000usd of $DeSo winnings were received with sincere gratitude and invested immediately into the @CloutForum coin! (Watch out for big announcements soon!)


CloutForum’s Videos:

  • Decentralized Facebook?! Can a Decentralized Social Blockchain save the Metaverse? With a Decentralized Facebook out of the question, and the company rebranding to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg has his eyes set on taking control of the Metaverse! 👽 Can DeSo save us? 😎
    Timestamps: 00:00 Intro
    00:38 What is the Metaverse?
    02:16 The dangers of Facebook/Twitter
    04:07 Why is DeSo game changing?
    07:10 DeSo Blockchain Features (Social Tokens/NFT's/Tipping)
    10:10 How Floyd Mayweather & SavingTheSurvivors use DeSo
    10:52 DeSo Blockchain built to Scale
    12:23 $200USD Million Treasury Fund
    13:26 Who do YOU want in charge of the Metaverse?
    13:45 Claim your FREE $25usd gift and get started today!
  • Deso Teaser/The Answer to Meta?! DeSo - DeCentralized Social Blockchain is a revolution for the creator economy, opening pathways for creators of all kinds, all over the planet, to monetize their value in ways where everyone can win.

Philippe Meunier: how to enroll people who are not into crypto

@PhilippeMeunier: Since the launching of Bitclout, I have tried to convince my friends to join the platform but I soon realized that hardly any of them were interested in crytos. So I decided not to talk to them about crypto anymore but only about the fact that they can make money. It was then that they started to get interested. I shared this message with my referral link on other social networks, especially on Facebook where I am quite active and I quickly gathered dozens of subscriptions.

When the video contest was launched, I shared the same message but on video.

Since I am not comfortable speaking in front of a camera, and English is not my native language, I opted to make animated videos with AI voice.

I made two videos.

The first one titled « Would you like to get paid for your posts?" And the second, "The 4 Ways to Make Money on DeSo". These are short animated videos of about a minute.

So far about 60 people have signed up using my referral link.

I have created my Youtube channel where I’ll be publishing DeSo videos regularly, in English, French and Portuguese.


Videos of Philippe Meunier:

  • Get paid for your posts on DeSo Network! Explaining that on traditional social networks, you only receive « likes » for your posts. But on DeSo, you get paid with real money. And the more you get popular, the more you earn.
  • The 4 ways to make money on DeSo Social Network. The first way is with tips. The second way is when a member invests in you. The third way is when you invest in another member. The fourth way is by selling your artistic creations as NFTs.




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