#025 (Sep. 2023) Desonians love games. Is this the future of DeSo?


What works on DeSo? What are the Desonians passionate about? What are the topics that generate the most comments? 
Games is the answer.

To find out, we observed the posts and comments of the most active users in terms of discussions for a week. We selected those who published on average at least one post per day during this week, or at least 7 posts in 7 days. We found 105. We then reviewed all their posts to see what they were talking about, and we also noted the number of comments generated for each of their posts.

We found that, of the 105 users, 30% had received at least one comment for each of their posts. 33% received less than one comment per post. 37% have not received any comments on any of their posts. 9% did not generate any engagement of any kind: no comments, no diamonds, no likes.

This approach allowed us to observe that certain users, due to the quality of their posts, are real drivers of the platform, while others do not generate any engagement.

Figures taken from the @Altumbase website.

DeSo's Powerhouses: The 14 Creators who generate the most comments

During the 7-day period between September 12 and 18, 2023, 14 users generated between 13 and 2 comments per post. Here is their ranking:

  1. @DeSocialWorld (700 days on Deso, 4,037 followers): 18 posts per week about games, lotteries, etc. 13.3 comments per post.
  2. @CloutWomenUnite (848 days on DeSo, 3,109 followers): 18 posts per week, about games, greetings, and thanks. 10.5 comments per post
  3. @Bitclout_artist  (874 days on DeSo, 3,157 followers): 19 posts per week about greetings and thanks. 6.9 comments / post
  4. @DeSoDuels  (36 days on DeSo, 87 followers): 14 posts per week about games. 6.5 comments / post
  5. @nader  (931 days on DeSo, 22,276 followers): 21 posts per week about DeSo. 6.2 comments / post
  6. @Moggel  (475 days on DeSo, 453 followers): 22 posts per week of Moggel comic strips. 5.3 comments / post
  7. @Panini  (881 days on DeSo, 1,987 followers): 14 posts per week about NFTs and CC rewards. 4.6 comments / post
  8. @mahedihasan  (145 days on DeSo, 225 followers): 21 posts per week, mostly greetings and thanks. 4.3 comments / post
  9. @ColourBlobs  (244 days on DeSO, 196 followers): 19 posts per week about polls, games, and NFTs. 3.3 comments / post
  10. @CivilEngineer  (123 days on DeSo, 522 followers): 37 posts per week about CC trading, lottery, and thanks for CC purchases. 3.1 comments / post
  11. @GaikeNFTcreations (753 days on DeSo, 1,425 followers): 21 posts per week, mostly of NFTs. 2.7 comments / post
  12. @Jhayppy (627 days on DeSo, 1,490 followers): 30 posts per week about NFT battles, greetings, and reposts. 2.4 comments / post
  13. @SharkGang  (258 days on DeSo, 667 followers): 21 posts per week, mostly NFTs. 2.4 comments / post
  14. @Pixelangelo  (887 days on DeSo, 3,029 followers, 42 posts per week, about NFTs and personal views on many topics. 2.2 comments / post

Users who don’t generate any engagement

Conversely, we also see that certain users who are among those who publish the greatest number of posts do not generate any engagement. For various reasons. These are:

@CoinGeeks (stats): 650 posts per week. Zero comments.

@GoldberryLyrics (posting lyrics of @Goldberry, an indie folk band from St. Louis, MO, USA): 165 posts per week. Zero comments.

@XENFT (posts about XEN crypto): 164 posts per week. Zero comments.

@JeffreyPalomarez (random thoughts about life): 82 posts per week. Zero comments.

@3ESIGN (posts about 3D printing and friend.tech): 78 posts per week. Zero comments.

Regarding @CoinGeeks, the reason for the absence of comments is that their publications, although very useful, do not require a response. This is also the case for @DeSoMirror, which also publishes very useful statistics.

As for the others, it is clear that their publications do not raise any interest.

Some people are merely there to take advantage of donations

There are thus dozens of accounts that enter the statistics of “active” users (Daily Active Users, or DAU), giving the illusion of a certain activity but which contribute nothing to the social life of the platform.

Among those who do not generate any engagement, we can notice that some people are merely there to take advantage of donations given to the most active users. They tag #post2earn on random posts in order to receive donations. These are, in particular, @Pickleballb (108 posts with random photos and reposts) and @SuperiorDee33 (24 posts about sports).

Valuable creators who don’t generate comments

However, there are creators whose posts receive no comments and who nevertheless provide very useful content. As we have seen, these are those who provide statistics about activity on DeSo: @CoinGeeks (all purchases and sales of CC) and @DeSoMirror (figures and curves of the evolution of the activity of different apps).


This information is valuable, and the people working on it deserve to be encouraged more. Indeed, others before them (like OpenProsper) offered this statistics service for free for a long time and were finally forced to abandon it due to a lack of profitability.

Games: the popular niche

How can this data move things forward? What avenues and what strategies can we deduce from this to make the platform more popular?

We see that 3 of the 4 accounts that generate the most comments offer games.

It therefore seems that games are a popular niche among the Desonians.

The core team and app developers would therefore have every interest in promoting games and the creation of new tools related to game creation.

Desonians moving to other platforms. Time to stop the drain.

Let's face it, the very low number of active users is a real problem that Desonians face every day. And the DAU curve not only does not go up but it has continued to go down for a year.

A few days ago @iodacasamia was talking about « the absence of a communication strategy by the core team » as one cause for that:

The "Deso" machine moves without a straight direction. It seems that only core team projects have prominent visibility. There is no organic strategy of promoting the blockchain, the apps and contributing developers. There is no decent Wikipedia page, the website is a useless showcase. People do not know Deso and especially the data shown by @DeSoMirror... They speak clearly. It seems that Deso is the place to talk about what Elon does, when Bitcoin will reach 100k and how close the web 3 revolution is. For two years now. »

@SwiftD replied: « Marketing will have a big part to play, but it's clear the foundation are not willing to put in that effort until they have re-engineered the L1 platform. That is pretty typical if compared to other projects.

Two years may seem like a long time horizon but for something as complex and as ambitious as this, it's really just the beginning. »


Chart by @DesoMirror

Although it is true that two years is just the beginning, other similar decentralized platforms are getting better results in just a few months. So what is happening is that many of DeSo's most creative users are moving to other platforms like friend.tech, where there are more active users and more impulse for investing.

While improving DeSo technology is very needed, there is also an urgent need to do something to retain the creators, mainly those who are DeSo's powerhouses. Otherwise, by the time the technology is ready, there will be no more life on DeSo.

Targeting things that work and encouraging them

How to get back on track? In our opinion, to boost activity, it is about targeting things that work and encouraging them.

By observing the posts of the 30 creators who have the best rate of comments per post, we can see that the topics that work well are:

1. Games, lotteries, poll games (@DeSocialWorld, @CloutWomenUnite, @DeSoDuels, @ColourBlobs, @CivilEngineer)

2. NFT battles (@SharkGang, @MrDeso)

3. NFTs (@DeSoDuels, @Panini, @GaikeNFTcreations, @SharkGang, @Pixelangelo, @ElrickErikose, @PSYCOart, @Maxiyo,

4. Personal views and stories (@nader, @Pixelangelo, @Kaanha, @ryleesnet, @brootle)

5. CC trading (@Panini, @CivilEngineer)

6. Expertise (creators who are experts in an area): comic strips (@Moggel), photos (@ElrickErikose), personal growth (@PSYCOart), archaeology (@ArchaeologyFacts)

7. About DeSo: (@nader, @ZeroToOne, @Ugottaloveit, @brootle)

We didn’t include "Greetings" and "Thanks" posts in the list because it is something that users naturally do, but it’s a fact that they generate many comments.

It is interesting to notice that crypto, Web3, and decentralization posts aren’t on the list because these topics don’t generate much interest or comments, contrary to what one might believe.

Pornography needs to be behind a wall

We also noticed two users posting porn:

@MyBillionDollarBaby (Porn NFTs including teenagers) and @powershotz (bondage porn video). The later has been banned from DeSocialWorld but is still visible on Diamond.

Some images are shocking, and we think these kinds of accounts should be behind a "wall," requiring confirmation before being accessible.

Other creators will be featured in the next issues

We remind you that the analysis concerns observations carried out over a week and therefore does not necessarily reflect all activity on DeSo. Indeed, certain active members who do not post as frequently are not mentioned in this study, although they are nevertheless quality assets for the platform. Others may also post from multiple accounts, which lowers their participation rate. For example, @PhilippeTahiti also posts for @MrDeso (NFTs battles), DeSo News, and other accounts, and since last week, he has introduced his grandson @Manuarii (7 years old), who tells his life in Tahiti through drawings. 

Similarly, DeSo News only generates comments on the day it is released. Two days later, its account becomes calm again. However, it is an active user.

We are therefore aware that many active users are not mentioned in this study but we will have other opportunities to do so.

These sightings are a snapshot of life on DeSo at one point in time.

It will be interesting to do it again in a few months to see how things are progressing and to feature other creators.

We hope this information will help the Desonians and the platform as an ecosystem.

P.S. A question to the Core Team:

We came across a reserved profile (not yet claimed) that posted 22 posts during this week.

This is @daminous_purity.

Oddly enough, he only posts on Diamond: diamondapp.com/u/daminous_purity.

On DeSocialWorld, his page is empty: desocialworld.com/u/daminous_purity

We asked the DeSocialWorld admin why. He replied, "I can't explain yet. Asked the team to check."

@mossified, any explanation for this conundrum?

Mr. Deso Challenge

Mr. Deso participated in 2 challenges these last ten days.

Capture d’écran 2023-09-24 à 19.00.56

A Fight battle against @Panini. Panini won by 5 points against 4.

Capture d’écran 2023-09-24 à 19.00.05

And a Dance battle against @kaluzhinov. Mr. Deso won by 7 points against 4.

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