#024 (Sep. 2023) How to make money on DeSo


How to create posts that earn the most diamonds

Diamonds are a native DeSo feature that is such a good idea that X (the new Twitter) copied it. When we write a post, we all hope that it will be rewarded with many diamonds, if possible in sets of at least 3!

What kinds of posts receive the most diamonds and engagement? To find out, we looked through the first 100 posts from the Diamond and DeSocialWorld hot feed and sorted them by number of diamonds received.

We present to you the 10 posts that received the most diamonds. You can take inspiration from it to try creating your own posts.

As the popularity of each creator has an influence on the number of diamonds they receive, we have indicated the context for each, i.e. the price of their coin, the number of their followers, their number of days on DeSo and if they are verified with the blue check.

We have excluded official messages from Nader and the core team from this ranking since they are a separate category.

1. @JordanLintz: Promise of an article on the influencer market on DeSo, if his post receives at least 100 diamonds.
Diamonds received: 112. 


@JordanLintz: « If this post gets 100 diamonds & 100 likes I will create an article about the future creator economy, specifically about the future stock market of influence/clout that will develop here on DeSo 💎 »

  • Popularity: Blue check, 133.02 coin price, 2,868 followers, 895 days on DeSo.

Reposts: 14. Comments: 10.

2. @Gatucu: Who I am, what I do, why people invest in me.
Diamonds received: 78. 


@Gatucu: « This is a declaration of intent on my part, especially for newcomers, I am nobody. I'm not an influencer, I'm not the guy who's going to tell you where to invest in cryptos, I lost enough to advise, although, on second thought I learned a lot, I keep it to myself 😉.

I'm not an artist or creator of anything today, maybe in the future I dare to create something, for the moment I only invest. And you will say, why are you here? Why do people invest in you?

Why I'm here is easy to answer, where you could talk about you with great artists, imagine talking to Picasso, Van Gogh ... in their time.

Why do they invest in me? I don't know, maybe because I'm loyal and I support every project I believe in. I'm going to keep doing the same thing for the moment and I'll incorporate music videos through YouTube if the apps allow me according to my mood, I love music and I know it's like doing the same thing as on one more social network, I only have this and of course I'm going to do whatever I want without offending anyone.

I'll tag my HOLDERS in case they expected something else from me 😉
I still believe in DeSo, and you? »

  • Popularity: Blue check, $76.80 coin price, 549 followers, 321 days on DeSo

Reposts: 15. Comments: 28

3. @DeSocialWorld: First Post feature.
Diamonds received: 72. 


@DeSocialWorld: « 🔥Our First Posts Feed just launched 🚀

On desocialworld.com you can now find a feed of the very first post by a user.
This will allow anyone to find new users quickly and give them a warm welcome to the @deso family »

  • Popularity: Blue check, $120.93 coin price, 4,021 followers, 693 days on DeSo.

Reposts: 20. Comments: 35

4. @nikolaiii: A review of interesting posts.
Diamonds received: 46. 


 @nikolaiii: « Ah, DeSo Daily Chronicles—because, let's be honest, who wants to actually scroll through posts when you can have me do it for you? »

  • Popularity: Blue check, $23.39 coin price, 1,276 followers, 898 days on DeSo.

Reposts: 7. Comments: 3

5. @CivilEngineer: Promise of diamonds showers or CC purchases.
Diamonds received: 45. 


@CivilEngineer: « If you are the most active user on the Deso platform, you will probably have your notifications filled with the name of a @CivilEngineer with a 💎💎⛈️⛈️ or CC purchases. »

  • Popularity: Blue Check, $75.67 Coin Price, 507 Followers, 116 Days on DeSo.

Reposts: 6. Commentaires: 8

6. @ThisDayInMusicHistory: sharing a Stevie Wonder hit song. 
Diamonds received: 43. 


@ThisDayInMusicHistory: « September 8, 1984 - Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder was at the top of the charts with his hit song
“I Just Called To Say I Love You”. »

  • Popularity: Blue check, $27.82 coin price, 3,969 followers, 887 days on DeSo.

Reposts: 6. Commentaires: 8

7. @PenWyn Blog: A breakdown of how PenWyn will progress through Phase 3 of their art project.

Diamonds received: 39. 


@PenWyn: « PenWyn is an art project exploring co-creation and community. It is designed to involve the inhabitants in the evolution of the project and offer a reward system to those participating in the co-creation process. »

  • Popularity: Blue check, $59.32 coin price, 240 followers, 257 days on DeSo.

Reposts: 12. Comments: 26.

8. @SeanSlater: humorous picture. 
Diamonds received: 35. 



  • Popularity: Blue check, $65.60 coin price, 3,468 followers, 836 days on DeSo.

Reposts: 1. Comments: 7

9. @VishalGulia: wise saying. 
Diamonds received: 33. 


@VishalGulia: « Never trust someone who takes hours to text you back, but when you hang out with them they check their phone every minute. »

  • Popularity: Blue check, $20.93 Coin Price, 4250 Followers, 903 Days on DeSo.

Reposts: 1. Commentaires: 13

10. @Gainer95: Personal story about making it.
Diamonds received: 30. 


@Gainer95: « Man adulting is expensive! Just called all the utility companies and got them put into my name today, so it's official! Still a long ways to go towards making it truly feel like home, but as long as I have a place for my family to be together and be at peace means the world to me. I'm beyond excited for what the future holds and eager to be in a more stable place so I can get back to building here. I apologize for being so quiet, it's been hectic, to say the least but my heart and soul is still with @deso I appreciate everyone who has checked in on me and continues to hold my CC despite the lack of activity 🙌🏼💎 »

  • Popularity: Blue check, $83.45 Coin Price, 606 Followers, 339 Days on DeSo

Reposts: 3. Commentaires: 8

The inevitable Comeback

The curve in the number of DeSo users continues to decline this month and the faithful Desonians continue to be active on their favorite platform. It is true that despite such a small number of active members, the engagement rate is admirably high.

As @nader said last year, « There is much higher engagement per follower on DeSo apps

It's crazy how small economic incentives like micro-tips or social token purchases can have such a strong impact on engagement. Imagine when DeSo is 1M daily active users. Early adopters may be Bieber-level popular… »


The core team continues to be confident that their efforts will ultimately pay off. " It's inevitable ".

@Mossified is convinced that the next new features will make a difference and trigger the rebound that everyone is waiting for.

« They have no idea what's gonna hit them with the next generation of DeSo apps — which will ideally demonstrate the full power of DeSo's stack and capabilities which weren't around in the first few months of BitClout 1.0 to capture imagination...

NFTs, Tokens, Token-Gated Content & Chats, Subscriptions, Mobile / PWA UX, Associations (polls, reactions, leaderboards, etc.), <Post/Curate>-2-Earn, Long Form, Open Algorithms, Cross-chain DEX, and so much more.

And the overall app-level UX / UI is going to be so much better, which I will personally guarantee. »

Ed Moss is not the only one to believe it. Since the start of the year, @JordanLintz, a successful PR pro, has been investing tens of thousands of dollars in creators accounts every month. Read the article below about it.

  • P.S. Hats off to @DeSoMirror who is the only one to provide us with statistical curves of the evolution of activity on DeSo.

In the past, @OpenProsper has offered this service for free on their very comprehensive website. They eventually stopped because it wasn't profitable. If they had set a subscription for accessing certain valuable stats, maybe they could have continued. We think this is what DeSoMirror should do to survive: create a website with valuable information available by subscription. Many Desonians, developers and others, would surely be willing to pay to continue having access this information.

DeSoMirror reply: « I’m slowly building my index db on which I can base the stats. I'm a one person team doing it in spare time :-) »

An expert in celebrities marketing has been investing tens of thousands dollars every month in celebrities Creator Coins

Over the last 30 days, Jordan Lintz has purchased $26,874 worth of celebrity creator coins. And he invested at least that much in the previous two months.

One might wonder why he invests in celebrities who have not claimed their account on DeSo.

When Bitclout was created, the core team created 1,500 celebrity accounts who have tons of followers on Twitter. Only about 80 of them have claimed their account. Many of them eventually did a rug pull, selling their entire profits after hundreds of Desonians invested in their CC.

Jordan Lintz is a public relations professional. His company @HighKey enjoys significant notoriety in the industry. This means that his job is to boost the popularity of companies and celebrities. What makes him think that the celebrities he invests in will claim their account on DeSo? Does he have information we don't have, or is this just a bet on DeSo's future success?

Jordan Lintz has promised to publish an article next month on the phenomenon of creator coins and their future development on DeSo.

In the meantime, he agreed to answer our questions during a quick interview conducted on September 5, 2023.

  • DeSo News: Despite the constant improvements and new features, the DAU of the platform has been steadily dropping for a year, what makes you believe that DeSo is finally going to be a success?

Jordan Lintz: DeSo only needs 1 killer app to bring user retention. Building decentralized social is a marathon and not a sprint.

  • DeSo News: We noticed that a lot of your investments are in Creators Coins from celebrities who haven't claimed their account yet. What makes you think these celebrities will eventually claim their accounts and become active on DeSo?

Jordan Lintz: Assuming decentralized social media is inevitable, so to us every celebrity being apart of it. We plan to be apart of the early stages by investing early like we are!

  • DeSo News: How much money have you and your brothers invested in DeSo so far?

Jordan Lintz: Millions in total, some before the crash, but a lot at current levels too.

  • DeSo News: As a successful businessman, what specific advice would you give to someone who wants to be successful on DeSo

Jordan Lintz: I’d say start posting and stick around for the ride! Think long term. At least 5 years.

Jordan Lintz was interviewed recently for an article titled “The 5 Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Career As A Public Relations Pro”. Interview by Michelle Tennant Nicholson, Chief Creative Officer of PR company Wasabi Publicity, Inc.

Question: Because of the role you play, you are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. :-)

Jordan Lintz: Decentralizing social media. The mainstream social media is set up where the owners monopolize your content, your account and your identity, and you don’t even own your account on these mainstream platforms. This will result in the masses moving to a blockchain that supports them owning their own account and content, where they will be the direct beneficiaries of all the monetizing of their content.

We are a part of DeSo which is the first layer-1 blockchain built from the ground up to decentralize social media and scale storage=heavy apps to billions of users.

Read full interview on Medium. 

The 43 creators Jordan Lintz has invested in over the last 30 days.
Ranked by invested value.

We included the following information: Name of celebrity / Total dollars invested by Jordan / Number of followers on Twitter / Link and coin price on DeSo.

  1. Kylie Jenner / $3,703 / 40,1 M / followers / @kyliejenner, $512.84 coin price
  2. Selena Gomez / $2,782 / 66,6 M followers / @selenagomez, $431.05, coin price
  3. Kim Kardashian / $2,644 / 75,1 M followers / @kimkardashian, $525.07 coin price
  4. Rihanna / $1,791 / 108,3 M followers / @rihanna, $471.12 coin price
  5. Drizzy / 1,709 / 39,3 M followers / @drake, $359.16 coin price
  6. Jake Paul / 1,437 / 4,6 M followers / @jakepaul, $234.94 coin price
  7. Cristiano Ronaldo / $1,266 / 109,5 M followers / @cristiano, $397.29 coin price
  8. Tina Snow / $1,150 / 7,5 M followers / @theestallion, $249.05 coin price
  9. Harry Styles / $973 / 37,7 M followers / @harry_styles, $260.98 coin price
  10. Justin Bieber / $773 / 111,7 M followers / @justinbieber, $359.63 coin price
  11. Taylor Swift / $772 / 94,3 M followers / @taylorswift13, $299.03 coin price
  12. Kendall / $533 / 31,9 M followers / @kendalljenner, $202.51 coin price
  13. Beyoncé / $467 / 15,3 M followers / @beyonce, $329.63 coin price
  14. Khloé Kardashian / $432 / 30,2 M abonnés / @khloekardashian, $83.71 coin price
  15. Dwayne Johnson / $416 / 17,1 M followers / @therock, $232.76 coin price
  16. Joe Rogan / $348 / 11,7 M followers / @joerogan, $246.55 coin price
  17. Gary Vaynerchuk / $342 / 3,1 M followers / @garyvee, $231.04 coin price
  18. Travis Scott / $338 / 11,7 M followers / @trvisxx, $142.72 coin price
  19. Elon Musk / $336 / 156,5 M followers / @elonmusk, $540.93 coin price
  20. Kevin Durant / $328 / 20,8 M followers / @kdtrey5, $125.00 coin price
  21. Jennifer Lopez / $327 / 44,8 M followers / @jlo, $153.56 coin price
  22. Patrick Mahomes II / $317 / 2,5 M followers / @patrickmahomes, $85.32 coin price
  23. LeBron James / $229 / 52,7 M followers / @kingjames, $288.10 coin price
  24. Paul George / $212 / 2,4 M followers / @yg_trece, $36.44 coin price
  25. Zendaya / $209 / 20,9 M followers / @zendaya, $296.63 coin price
  26. Vitalik Buterin / $194 / 4,9 M followers / @vitalikbuterin, $321.15 coin price
  27. Dave Portnoy / $161 / 2,9 M followers / @stoolpresidente, $162.74 coin price
  28. Billie Eilish / $146 / 7,3 M followers / @billieeilish, $150.30 coin price
  29. Sza / $110 / 8 M followers / @sza, $61.56 coin price
  30. 6ix9ine / $107 / 756,3 k followers / @6ix9ine, $121.75 coin price
  31. Abel Tesfaye / $101 / 17,2 M followers / @theweeknd, $118.14 coin price
  32. Stephen Curry / $100 / 17,4 M followers / @stephencurry30, $32.72 coin price
  33. Lil Pump / $96 / 970,4 k abonnés / @lilpump, $40.18 coin price
  34. Venus Williams / $94 / 1,7 M followers / @venuseswilliams, $29.25 coin price
  35. Mark Cuban / $86 / 8,8 M followers / @mcuban, $85.99 coin price
  36. Nicki Minaj / $84 / 27,9 M followers / @nickiminaj, $148.90 coin price
  37. Katy Perry / $81 / 107,1 M abonnés / @katyperry, $188.11 coin price
  38. Klay Thompson / $74 / 1,8 M followers / @klaythompson, $32.38 coin price
  39. Eminem / $53 / 22,1 M followers / @eminem, $120.44 coin price
  40. Tom Brady / $53 / 3 M followers / @tombrady, $165.29 coin price
  41. Margot Robbie / $48 / 2 320 followers / @margotrobbie, $25.72 coin price
  42. Lil Wayne / $32 / 34,4 M followers / @liltunechi, $142.45 coin price
  43. Miley Cyrus / $31 / 46,5 M followers / @mileycyrus, $189.09 coin price

Jordan Lintz recent posts on DeSo:

  • « It’s official. I’m committing my entire salary for the rest of the year to $deso buys. $200 a day along with bigger buys..
    All in anticipation for Creator Coins 2.0
    My brothers and I started @HighKey 7 years ago. Growing year over year in the social/online space. Our services include top tier PR (including social) & Celebrity Marketing.
    Taking pride in being at the cutting edge of everything to do with online presence & establishing an 8 figure empire. We have established ourselves as leaders.
    I’m fully convinced this is a “TheFacebook” 2.0 moment in history 2 decades later. From one great social revolution to the next, the future of social will be decentralized on-chain.. DeSo success is inevitable & @nader is my best bet to do a Zucks 2.0 major move. »

  • « I am in 100% belief that DeSo will be the revolution of social media 2.0… 20 years after The Facebook »

  • « I have a confession to make: I’m addicted to buying DESO! It’s to hard to pass up the greatest investment of all time @ ground level 🍯 »

  • « Buying DeSo feels like your making a massive move in the future while everyone sleeps in the present.
    Time will tell! »

From now on, new users don’t have to worry about purchasing DESO currency in order to use a DeSo app.

@mossified announced it: 

« Users can get free DESO either by linking their Metamask or by verifying their phone number. Soon, we’ll make this easier by passing a CAPTCHA instead. The small amount of DESO that is sent to them will cover thousands of onchain transactions, which means if they’re that active anyways they’ll likely at some point receive some diamonds that’ll pretty much cover an entire lifetime of transactions on DeSo. »

Don’t wait for success, create it!

While some Desonians complain that the promised success is not coming quickly enough, others don't wait: they go out and create the conditions for their success themselves.

@MrDeso: Since we launched the Mr. Deso Challenge on September 4, purchases of our Creator Coins have started pouring in. Good things come to people who wait patiently, but better things come to those who go out and get them! 🔥🔥🔥

Here are the results of the first 3 rounds (only valid votes, i.e., votes from CC whose value is at least equal to $8.00).

  • Round 1 
Capture d’écran 2023-09-24 à 19.08.18

Victory: @MrDeso 11
Mr. Metal (@burgerboy): 3

  • Round 2
Capture d’écran 2023-09-13 à 16.44.36

Victory: @Moggel 18
@MrDeso: 14

  • Round 3 
Capture d’écran 2023-09-13 à 16.46.59

Victory: @MrDeso 11
@kaluzhinov: 8

Follow the next rounds of #MrDesoChallenge on MrDeso page.

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