#022 (Aug. 2023) How to get the Blue Check Mark and be featured in the Hot Feed

After an eleven-month break, DeSo News, the Return!

Since the shutdown of the two main magazines on DeSo: @BitsTODAY (last issue August 10, 2021) and @Krassenstein's daily videos (last video August 10, 2023), Desonians have nothing left to keep up to date with the news on the platform. It is true that the number of active users is still very low (between 700 and 800 per day) but the new tools developed by the Core Team and the announcement of new features, (in particular BitClout 02 (new version of the Creator Coin) give us hope that things can change. This is why we have decided to resume the publication of the @DeSo_News website and blog.

What are we going to talk about?
In short, life on DeSo. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, with humor, sex, rugs, and rocknroll. In simple terms, understandable by everyone (no communication for developpers only; follow my gaze...).

In this issue:

  • How to be featured in the Hot Feed
  • How to get the Blue Tick
  • How to recognize Creator Coins worth investing in
  • Are HeroSwap fees too high?
  • The Top 100 Creators of the Week. Are you on the list?
  • Scams and rug pulls are back
  • Is it OK to mass tag?


We basically have at least three options for navigating DeSo: the “Hot Feed”, the “Following Feed” (posts from creators you follow) and the “New” or “Recent Feed” (the most recent posts) . Of course, the Hot Feed is the most watched since it includes posts that are considered "must sees" (like Core Team announcements) and posts from well-known creators.

Most creators are never mentioned in the Hot Feed and would love to know how it works to get into it.

We reviewed 100 Hot Feed posts to see the characteristics of the creators there. The most obvious result is that the vast majority of lucky winners (71%) have the sacrosanct Blue Check mark awarded by @Diamond app to verified creators. Of the 29 accounts that don't have it, 4 were created by verified creators and 4 tagged a verified creator.

We can therefore clearly see that the Blue Tick is the royal door to entering the Hot Feed.

Although @DeSocialWorld has its own creator verification process and awards its own Blue Ticks (so creators can get a Blue Check mark on DeSocialWorld but not on Diamond App and vice versa) its Hot Feed is generated by @Desofy (DeSo mobile app). We have noticed that their Hot Feed is similar to Diamond app's. Same creators, same posts. Which suggests that it is Diamond's Blue Check mark that prevails.


How do you obtain the famous Blue Check mark?

The makers of the Diamond app do not provide any information about this.

We asked two creators who recently received their Blue Check mark how they got it.
They both replied that they did not know exactly but that they assumed that you must, above all, be active and have a lot of perseverance.
Both have blogs and create NFTs.


@Longo posted a to-do list to put the odds on your side:


First of all, keep this in mind: For a platform that manages cryptocurrency (real money) wallets, verifying someone is a big responsibility and there is no perfect way to do it yet.

Think that it is possible that you are verified in Desocialworld and not in Diamondapp. Desocialworld gave me a blue tick long before DiamondApp (a year ago?) and DiamondApp gave it to me 1-2 months ago. But I really don't know how it works since other OG's more active than me don't have it yet.


• PLACE EXTERNAL LINKS IN THE BIO: connect to your public profiles on other Social Platforms, to a personal website, to the websites of your company or association. It is the first way to show that you are who you say you are.
• BE YOURSELF & INTERACT SOCIALLY. Explain who you are and your motivations and be active within the community. Honestly show your interest in other users and what they do, start conversations, engage, and be yourself by opening up.
• FIND AND SHARE YOUR UNIQUE VALUES. Find your way to engage others while having fun... Share your best, your irreplaceable personal value.
• THINK LONG TERM. Be patient and persistent. As @MarioNawfal says: Do good, be consistent, be solid (or something like that).
• CLAIM YOUR VERIFICATION: Sometimes I have also claimed my verification in "angry" posts, losing faith, after more than 1 year here... I don't know if it has helped or not.
• DON'T THINK TOO MUCH ABOUT GETTING VERIFIED!: Lastly, don't worry too much about the blue tick. It means something, but in the meantime, when the community knows you and vice versa, being verified does not affect your interactions.

@GaikeNFTcreations: « I really have no idea [how to get the blue tick]… just wait wait wait stay active and pray. »


Anyone can apply for verification on VerifiedCreators

A DeSo app called @VerifiedCreators offers its own verification process that requires the purchase of an NFT for DESO2.00. The "verified" creators don’t get a Blue Check mark, only a link that they can post on their profile.

CONDITIONS (VerifiedCreators Whitepaper):
«  Anyone can apply for verification on VerifiedCreators regardless of their social class.
There are two types of "verifications" on VerifiedCreators: Personal verification and project/business verification. Personal "verifications" are for individual creators, and the latter is for projects/businesses. VerifiedCreators is designed with zero tolerance for scammers, bots, or duplicate accounts. No creator can have more than one personal verified profile but can instead apply for multiple verifications as a project and have all the project accounts linked back to their personal verified profile. To apply for project verification, a creator will need to have a verified profile.

Every verification must go through a validator to maintain a 100% accuracy rate.
Verification validators are people trained and hired by the foundation to ensure there's no chance of a scammer or bot gaming the system to become verified.


There are different criteria for determining the intrinsic value of a Creator Coin: the notoriety/popularity of the creator, the price of the CC, the percentage of the FR and the potential for growth of the CC value, and of course, making sure the creator is not a scammer.

We analyzed the CCs of the first 100 posts on the Hot Feed, i.e., from 56 creators.

We multiplied the price of each CC by the coefficient of their FR (Founder Reward) in order to obtain the total price. For example, if a CC is worth $10 and the FR is 15%, the total price is $10 x 1.15 = $11.5.

We then divided this total price by the number of followers of each creator in order to have a price per follower. We selected prices below $0.01 per follower. Then we have eliminated the creators that are not verified and do not provide in their profile a way to verify them (like a website, blog or other social media). Here is the ranking of the best values for this series. After their name, we added the following info: Blue Check mark by Diamond or DeSocialWorld (yes or no), total price, FR, and number of followers.

1. @DeSoChats yes $1.05 80% 1350
2. @mashelenn
yes $12.98 10% 5505
3. @MechellLord
yes $21.45 33% 8858
yes $2.57 10% 725
5. @HuntSauce
yes $47.26 13% 11138
6. @VishalGulia
yes $23.61 10% 4204
7. @nathanwells
yes $11.96 15% 1880
8. @darian_parrish
yes $62.39 0% 7492
9. @BrookM
yes $9.56 10% 1230
10. @jodybossert
yes $23.80 10% 3022
11. @Longo
yes $18.48 15% 2384
12. @ThisDayInMusicHistory
yes $30.32 20% 3934

The DiamondApp Hot Feed review was performed on Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at 4:00-5:00 PM, US East Coast time.

We will regularly analyze CCs and publish the rankings in the next DeSo News. We will perform these readings on different apps and at different times.

If you want to participate in the ranking, see if the price of your CC divided by the number of your followers is less than $0.01, and if so, send us a request. Participation is free.


There are between 700 and 800 active members daily on DeSo. An « active member » is someone who does at least one action during the day on the platform. Taking the amount of NFTs minted, posts and comments made by the user and weighting them against how many follows, likes, and unlikes, diamonds, and buys and sells of coins and bids on NFTs these actions have generated, @Altumbase makes a list of the Top creators on DeSo. It can help you find amazing creators and help you with your investment decisions.

Are you in the Top 100 creators? Check it out:

1. @CivilEngineer FR: 22.00% | Age: 83 days
2. @AlexValaitis FR: 10.00% | Age: 710 days
3. @Jhayppy FR: 12.00% | Age: 586 days
4. @MechellLord FR: 33.00% | Age: 848 days
5. @DeSoChats FR: 80.00% | Age: 749 days
6. @DeSocialWorld FR: 10.00% | Age: 660 days
7. @Ugottaloveit FR: 20.00% | Age: 322 days
8. @Pixelangelo FR: 10.00% | Age: 847 days
9. @CloutWomenUnite FR: 30.00% | Age: 808 days
10. @Ashdigital FR: 2.00% | Age: 512 days

11. Coldlux  FR: 10.00% | Age: 663 days
12. AureliaCorridoni FR: 100.00% | Age: 7 days
13. mossified FR: 100.00% | Age: 848 days
14. deso FR: 100.00% | Age: 687 days
15. mahedihasan FR: 20.00% | Age: 105 days
16. darian_parrish FR: 0.00% | Age: 861 days
17. nader FR: 10.00% | Age: 891 days
18. VishalGulia FR: 10.00% | Age: 870 days
19. mashelenn FR: 10.00% | Age: 865 days
20. StarGeezer FR: 75.00% | Age: 854 days

21. WRiga  FR: 33.00% | Age: 779 days
22. Bitclout_artist FR: 9.90% | Age: 833 days
23. ThisDayInMusicHistory FR: 20.00% | Age: 855 days
24. edokoevoet FR: 10.00% | Age: 846 days
25. SeanSlater FR: 10.00% | Age: 803 days
26. leojay FR: 10.00% | Age: 498 days
27. BrookM FR: 10.00% | Age: 670 days
28. PSYCOart FR: 10.00% | Age: 262 days
29. Gainer95 FR: 35.00% | Age: 306 days
30. nathanwells FR: 15.00% | Age: 741 days

31. tobiasschmid  FR: 5.00% | Age: 858 days
32. CryptoKris FR: 5.00% | Age: 865 days
33. PenWyn FR: 100.00% | Age: 225 days
34. PhotographyByMechell FR: 50.00% | Age: 718 days
35. SudhirOdisha FR: 100.00% | Age: 9 days
36. studio_richards FR: 20.00% | Age: 498 days
37. DeSoOps FR: 25.00% | Age: 228 days
38. DrMoz FR: 8.02% | Age: 861 days
39. ShadyAcres FR: 22.50% | Age: 617 days
40. HuntSauce FR: 12.69% | Age: 875 days

41. JohnJardin  FR: 15.00% | Age: 487 days
42. BenErsing FR: 99.00% | Age: 859 days
43. RadiantResidences FR: 10.00% | Age: 33 days
44. Web3in53 FR: 100.00% | Age: 246 days
45. WilliamLaurent FR: 10.00% | Age: 866 days
46. Gaike FR: 20.00% | Age: 538 days
47. JordanLintz FR: 33.00% | Age: 862 days
48. FAMILIAS FR: 21.00% | Age: 103 days
49. MrTrip1et FR: 15.00% | Age: 586 days
50. Mackyyooww FR: 100.00% | Age: 6 days

51. nikolaiii  FR: 0.00% | Age: 866 days
52. Yukisora FR: 100.00% | Age: 4 days
53. Navajjoo FR: 10.00% | Age: 423 days
54. Procrustes FR: 10.00% | Age: 864 days
55. Bitclout_FR FR: 20.00% | Age: 783 days
56. MICEHEADS FR: 10.00% | Age: 638 days
57. Panini FR: 20.00% | Age: 840 days
58. ReihanRei FR: 15.00% | Age: 401 days
59. NFTLegacy FR: 9.00% | Age: 29 days
60. Goldberry FR: 10.00% | Age: 781 days

61. metaphilosopher FR: 100.00% | Age: 435 days
62. Longo FR: 15.00% | Age: 834 days
63. desofy FR: 15.00% | Age: 861 days
64. SharkGang FR: 100.00% | Age: 218 days
65. BrianDrever FR: 10.00% | Age: 857 days
66. Gatucu FR: 20.00% | Age: 288 days
67. TheRainbowland FR: 10.00% | Age: 846 days
68. Bubun FR: 100.00% | Age: 27 days
69. ariskoufovasilis FR: 10.00% | Age: 310 days
70. FedeDM FR: 20.00% | Age: 855 days

71. Holey  FR: 7.77% | Age: 845 days
72. ElizabethTubbs FR: 20.00% | Age: 448 days
73. HappyTraveller FR: 10.00% | Age: 110 days
74. ftanix FR: 25.00% | Age: 358 days
75. senpai FR: 12.00% | Age: 873 days
76. natalia_bel FR: 15.00% | Age: 864 days
77. That70sRobot FR: 10.00% | Age: 512 days
78. PatrickCraven FR: 15.00% | Age: 452 days
79. Pastel_Bratz FR: 23.00% | Age: 39 days
80. ohlala  FR: 15.00% | Age: 659 days

81. RandomClicks FR: 25.00% | Age: 71 days
82. Moggel FR: 5.00% | Age: 435 days
83. Selfcoaching FR: 25.00% | Age: 78 days
84. ElrickErikose FR: 20.00% | Age: 861 days
85. Rawnok FR: 100.00% | Age: 8 days
86. DonBarnhart FR: 3.00% | Age: 500 days
87. desoscams FR: 90.00% | Age: 682 days
88. ArchaeologyFacts FR: 20.00% | Age: 35 days
89. BKPOWER8 FR: 20.00% | Age: 389 days
90. PSYC500  FR: 100.00% | Age: 178 days

91. kaylacarreau FR: 33.00% | Age: 425 days
92. sammie_theCat FR: 10.00% | Age: 558 days
93. PhilippeTahiti FR: 10.00% | Age: 855 days
94. notadarsh FR: 100.00% | Age: 0 days
95. DennisKarssie FR: 20.00% | Age: 691 days
96. Donald45 FR: 100.00% | Age: 4 days
97. RoosPower FR: 10.00% | Age: 669 days
98. MayumiJapan FR: 22.00% | Age: 606 days
99. DevinAWhite21 FR: 100.00% | Age: 1 day
100. AndrewVanDuivenbode  FR: 2.00% | Age: 828 days

The list is updated in real time (every 5 minutes).
Source: https://altumbase.com/tools/acai/168


A creator named @SupremeP tested the service six times and felt very disappointed with the experience because of the surprisingly high fees he paid (from 7% to 52.4%). In fact, it seems most of the gas fee comes from BTC transactions, not HeroSwap, as we will explain below.

What is HeroSwap?

HeroSwap is a DeSo no-login cross-chain swapping service.
Currently supported currencies include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, Solana, DeSo, DesoDollar.

The 6 swaps performed by @SupremeP (all swaps: BTC to DESO):

- Test 1: swapped $8.78 / received $7.31 (20.1% fee)
- Test 2: swapped $12.76 / received $11.92 (7.1% fee)
- Test 3: swapped $5.03 / received $3.98 (26.4 % fee)
- Test 4: swapped $13.62 / received $11.73 (16.1 % fee)
- Test 5: swapped $6.60 / received $4.62 (42.9 % fee)
- Test 6: swapped $7.47 / received $4.90 (52.4 % fee)

@SupremeP expressed his concern because the fees were much higher than the 1-5% fee advertised on HeroSwap website.

Core Team member Ed Moss (@mossified) replied that the fees include the network (gas) fees from the BTC transaction which is the big part ($2.27 in average)in the case of those small swap amounts.

« All of your tests are getting eaten up by network fees, has nothing to do with HeroSwap (the actual HeroSwap margin fee on this was less than 2%).
Please preview your swap before initiating, especially with tiny amounts like this which have far higher subjectivity to getting eaten up by network fees. »

We recalculated the fee taking into consideration the highest Bitcoin transaction fee ($1.68) according to Bitcoin Fee Estimator.

Here it goes:

- Test 1: swapped $8.78. $8.78 - $1.68 = $7.08. Received: $7.31. No extra fee.
- Test 2: swapped $12.76. $12.76 - $1.68 = $11.08. Received $11.92. No extra fee. 
- Test 3: swapped $5.03. $5.03 - $1.68 = $3.35. Received $3.98. No extra fee.
- Test 4: swapped $13.62. $13.62 - $1.68 = $11.94. Received $11.73 (extra fee: 1.8%)
- Test 5: swapped $6.60. $6.60 - $2.27 = $ 4.33. Received $4.62. No extra fee.
- Test 6: swapped $7.47. $7.47 - $1.68 = $5.79. Received $4.90 (extra fee: 18%)

We see that for the #1, 2, 3, and 5 tests, the amount received was higher than expected. 
For the 4th test, the amount received was 1.8% lower than expected.
For the 6th test, the amount received was 18% lower than expected.

As the Bitcoin transaction fee is a flat fee ($1.68 max these days), it is not worth it to swapp small amounts. 
Only the 6th test fee was really problematic. Why? We don’t know. The rest were within the fair range or lower.

So @mossified argument of «  the network transaction fee eats your swap for a tiny amount » makes sense.

How much would be HeroSwap fee for larger amounts?

We read in the HeroSwap FAQ that "the fee calculations are dynamic and not easily anticipated. It is thus important to preview the swap before initiating it." Heroswap offers this option.

Last month, @highkey posted a screen capture of a swap he did on HeroSwap. He sent $7k USDT to Heroswap, and received $6587 in DESO. That's a $413 fee (6.3%).

What was the difference between the network transaction fee and the one for HeroSwap? We asked @mossified this question, but we have not received any answer yet.  
According to GasFeeNow, the gas fee for USDT is about $2.
It means that the HeroSwap fee for that $7k swap was $411 (6.2%).

Since then, the screen shot of @Highkey’s transaction has been hidden by its author, but @StarGeezer could retrieve it using NoteMe tool called « Uncover hidden content ».

« Soon you will be able to trade BTC, ETH, SOL, USDT and of course DESO directly on-chain.
That's right, soon you'll be able to trade $DESO on DeSo.
No more CEX'es [Centralized Exchanges], no more ruggings-- all orders transparently stored and matched on-chain thanks to DeSo. »

How to buy DESO: https://wallet.deso.com/buy



Recently, @ShadyAcres posted a warning against some « scammers running wild again ».
The scammer was impersonating a playback singer from India and deceiving people through the creation of various fake accounts. After deceiving various creators to invest in his CC, he rug-pulled, and all investors lost their money.

« Be careful for scammers. They are running wild again. A few bad people here ruining it for everybody.
Take that effort and apply it towards something fruitful and good instead of just trying to be deceitful and steal. »

@ShadyAcres posted a list of accounts which all belong to the scammer.
Since then, all mentioned accounts have been blacklisted on DeSocialWorld.

« On @DeSocialWorld there's no room for
- People impersonating real people
- People running multiple profiles pretending to be real people

With help from people like @Randhir @desoscams @Gainer95 @CivilEngineer, we were able to blacklist quite a few today. Check the below post for details.
Luckily, the majority of people around here are fantastic. But now and then, we have to take measures like this to:
- ensure the community stays safe
- give a signal to other scammers (existing and future) »

« More than impersonating, I would emphasize the intent to defraud people - the clear rugpull after getting investors that is nothing short of fraud. 
Making investors lose money and over time, even the few investors investing in CCs will go away hurting Creators still here.

RichaSharma was impersonating a playback singer from India (by subtle sharing of photos from the Internet) and Desodit was a copy of CircleIt that they were pretending was a new app they'd built. After we called it out, he dropped a small note in the comment that he would develop it further. Surely, there was no intent to do so because if there was, he would first do some work and then publicize it and also acknowledge that it was a clone before creating a profile and opening the Coin for purchase. »


Do you ever get your name tagged in a post with dozens of other creators?
Does this bother you? What do you do in these cases?

« As far as I'm concerned, I started blocking anyone who did this to me, then I changed my mind. What I do now is leave a comment simply saying, "Stop tagging me". »
I have found that spammers tend to apologize and never do it again. »

« well, i've been observing a few of these mass-(ghost-)tagging spammers, & i found that their engagement stats, & their 💎-income are well above avg. i conclude that their tactic pays off, for them; if you look at it, unemotionally, from a "return on investment"-perspective;
i'm quite sure that's why they engage in this spamming activity, in the first place. »



Support Deso News by purchasing Mr.Deso new NFT.

Mr. Deso lives a hundred lives. We are starting a new series of drawings/NFTs to illustrate his adventures. 
The first one is called The Chef. More in the next DeSo News

That’s all for now, fam.

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