#021 (Sep. 2022) Bullshit Awards

Bullshit Awards Sept. 2022: @Nader Wins Gold, Ashdeso Wins Silver.

First published on September 21, 2022.

The purpose of these Bullshit Awards is not to stigmatize people but simply to point the finger at unfortunate attitudes in order to remedy them. As the @Krassenstein brothers say with great wisdom and common sense:

“Never be afraid to speak up when you see something you don't like. Not speaking up is always worse. It's how we resolve those issues, come to common solutions, and become stronger because of it all, that will define our success. »

For this first edition of the @BullshitAwards, Nader wins the gold medal for having stolen a username for the second time, thus showing that his formula "Not your keys not your content" also applies to his Naderland. Core Team member @ashdeso won silver for claiming "My DMs are always open" when we tested and saw that his claim was bogus.


Nader Wins Gold

On September 15, @Petrh, an OG user with over 3000 followers, realized that one of his username (@DesoDollar) had been stolen from him by the Core Team and replaced by @DesoDollar_. He denounced this theft in an open letter addressed to @Nader which sparked a great movement of indignation and solidarity in the community. Nader, after the fact, offered him $200 compensation for this username that the Foundation needs to launch its stablecoin called Deso Dollar.

Petrh pointed out to Nader that he could have negotiated the price of the name BEFORE taking her and suggested that a fair value for the name would be $1,000.

It was then that a user by the name of @BigMikeR35 who had absolutely nothing to do with this case sent $800 to Peth to end this injustice by paying the difference. He posted a video in which he explains his gesture of solidarity. Having seen the video, @Dylanjaggerlee, a Core Team member, refunded Big Mike.

Questioned from all sides, Nader explained in a long post that the Foundation could be required to take usernames if it needed them and that they would keep this right of seizure until the platform reaches 100,000 active users.

It turns out that Nader had already taken the username @PokeDAO from @mp3 under identical conditions, i.e. without contacting the owner of the name. Nader, after the fact, had paid $200 to @mp3 then ended up going up to $1,000 after a loaded negotiation.

« Good luck negotiating a price when the person you are bargaining with already has what they want and you literally cant get it back. In reality we call that theft and its a crime. Imagine me robbing someone then saying "hey sorry next time ill ask, were good right?"

@mp3 posted the conversation he had about this with Nader. Read it here.

The @krassenstein brothers commented on this case the very next day in their Day 539 video:

For them, “the way Deso went about it was entirely wrong ».

Nader justified his action by saying that "Sometimes there are names that the Foundation needs that are clearly held by a squatter that is unresponsive to contact."

But the fact is they never tried to contact Petrh.

« Because DesoDollar username was owned by Petrh before Nader created Deso Dollar, » said Krassenstein, « it should be 100% up to Petrh to decide if wants to sale it and what he wants for it.

I think maybe we should have some kind independent community board, with some set of rules, maybe voted on by Deso community members that should decide on identity swap matters no matter how many daily active users we have. ».


This surprising act by Nader prompted many outraged comments. Here are some examples.

gosh thats a bit disgusting, doesn’t sound very decentralized to me

Doesn’t sound anything like business practice either.

"Not your keys not your content »
We all know who constantly kept on repeating it.
Looks like @nader is not just a lier but a thief/robber also.

They've done this many times before, and will continue to do it whenever it pleases them. You don't actually own usernames on DeSo, despite all of their marketing.
If they had any respect for decentralization or the community they would have asked you to buy it on @NameTrade but they don’t.
@mp3 you should be screaming from the rooftops about this shit, as it completely negates the value proposition of your service.
Real decentralization matters.

speechless really. numb. not surprised. tired. ashamed. disrespected. invalidated. demoralized. over it.

This blows my mind. How does something like this happen?

This. Is. Unacceptable.

I wasn't around for weeks (not like I used to be) then I login again only to find something like this. It's like you guys are trying hard to make us leave.

This is not good for DeSo’s reputation. There are more elegant ways to resolve this

I just jumped here after a couple of months to see how DeSo is doing and see this. I don’t feel ready to come back yet.

Wow! This is sooooo concerning. Everything against what DeSo stands for.
@nader what happened to “not your keys, not your content”
You didn’t own those keys. You stole them and shame on you for doing so if this is really true what happened.

Ashdeso Wins Silver


The silver medal was awarded to @ashdeso for falsely claiming that he answered all questions and that his DM box was always open.

Devs and OGs, not to mention simple users, have complained repeatedly since the beginning of the lack of communication from the Core Team. @ashdeso (member of the Core Team) defended himself by saying:

"Critique, suggestions, feedback? Feel free to post or DM me,” he claimed. "My DMs are always open if you have suggestions or comments to make. »

The creator of Bullshit Awards, @PhilippeTahiti, who is also the editor of @DeSo_News, regularly needs to ask questions of Nader and the members of the Core Team to write his articles. The thing is, untill now he never got a response. Recently, he contacted several members of the Core Team, including @ashdeso for an article comparing the different social apps on DeSo. Again, he received no response except a terse "Thanks for sending" from @ashdeso, 24 days after Philipe DMed his questions and 4 days after he posted his article "What's the Best App on DeSo?" on @Zirkels.

We understand that the members of the Core team do their best and that their job is not easy. They are often the victims of criticism from the community. Most devs and OGs who left DeSo complained about the lack of communication from the Core Team. This is probably due to the fact that there is no spokesperson whose role would be to answer questions.

We believe it is urgent to remedy this recurring problem.

Nader should:

1. Post the org chart
2. Tell the community who is the official spokesperson
3. Commit to respond officially via the spokesperson to the questions and concerns of the users at least once a week.

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