#020 (Sep. 2022) What is the best app on DeSo?

A comparison of the 12 main social apps and the different features they offer. Also included users reviews.

First published on September 5, 2022.


Long gone are the days when Bitclout was the only option to navigate our decentralized platform. Today, users have the choice between 12 apps that offer slightly different features and presentation. How to choose? What is the best app on DeSo?

To answer this question, we made a comparison of the main social apps and the different features they offer. We also asked a few influencers for their opinion.



Similar to Diamond. Only app with Referrals: You get $1 USD per referral. Your referrals get $5 USD
@BeyondApp by @RestartU 


BitClout The first node built on the DeSo blockchain. Short posts (560 caractères)
@Bitclout by @nader.


Same as @Bitclout


 Multilingual. Provides a feed in 16 languages. Find your country friends. Long posts. Edit posts.
@DeSocialWorld by @edokoevoet, @erwinwillems, @twanv, @jeroenaalders, AND @rohitnishad.  


Mobile app for iOS and Android. Search by hashtags.
@desofy by @Ribal  


The most used app. Simplified version of Bitclout.
@Diamond by @nader


Long posts, edit posts, feed by subjects (Politics, News, Memes, Gaming, Food), Communities, Debates.
By @EvaSocial, 13 y old dev.


Instagram-like presentation. Very simplified. No Wallet. Reading posts and comments easier than on other apps.
@Gemstori by @brootle


Same features as Biclout.
@love4src by @kanshi and @SLAVA


You can follow users from other social platforms (like twitter, youtube etc) alongside deso users.
Currency: satoshi.
@membercash by @FreeTrade


Very complete features. Hashtag rating. Very nice presentation in 3 columns.
Chose your feed by: Most discussed, Most awarded, Most liked, Most viral.
@Overclout by @donhardman  


Early Access available only on iOS and in the U.S.
Pearl is experiencing downtime since Sept. 1.
@pearl by Naseem Al-Naji, @nader’s brother.


App launching soon by co-founders @Designsta (Louise & Lucie) and @Ribal.


The most popular apps are 4 in number. They each have between about 100 and just over 200 unique users per day. These are, in alphabetical order: Bitclout, DesocialWorld, Desofy and Diamond.

There are 5 other apps with a much smaller number of users. These are, in alphabetical order: EvaSocial, Gemstori, Love4src, Beyond and Overclout.

We do not have statistics for the MemberCash app.

Two other apps are in beta phase and should be launched soon: Pearl and Stori.

Diamond has the most unique users with an average of 213 per day. Followed by Desofy (150), Bitclout (109) and DesocialWorld (92). Based on stats for the week of August 29 through September 4.

However, the most dynamic app, the one with the most posts and comments per day is DesocialWorld with an average of 1266 posts and comments. Diamond comes in 2nd place (730), 3rd Desofy (710) and 4th Bitclout (564).

For all applications, the highest activity occurs on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The lowest on Saturday.


According to @DeSoMirror and @DesoNinja, the average cost for an action (post, comment, repost, like, etc. ) ranges from $DESO 0.00 to $DESO 0.000039.

On Diamond and Beyond it is $DESO $0.00.

On DesocialWorld and Love4rsc, it is $DESO 0.000002 ($0.000012). This means that one can perform 83,333 actions for $1.00.

On Desofy, it is $DESO 0.000039 ($0.00023), ie for $1.00 you can perform 4,348 actions.

We do not have information on the gas fees of other apps.


This section is intended for new users. If you are a long-time user you already know the basic features and you can skip to the next topic: NUMBER OF CHARACTERS PER POST.

4 apps (Deso, DesocialWorld, Diamond and Love4rsc) were inspired by the original model, Bitclout, which offers a whole series of basic functionalities aimed at communicating with other users:

- Feed (hot, followers et new)
- Comment
- Repost
- Like
- Diamond pour récompenser les publications (de 1 à 8 diamants, c’est à dire de $0,1 à $3K)
- Private Messages
- Buy Creator Coin
- Profile with:
- List of Creators who hold your Creator Coin
- Number of diamonds sent and received
- NFTs created, NFTs purchased and NFTs for sale
- My DAO and DAO Holdings (only on Bitclout, Deso and Love4rsc)
- Wallet with:
- My balance
- Creator coins purchased and received


Most apps allow you to buy a creator's Token except EvaSocial and Gemstori which do not currently offer the Wallet functionality and therefore you cannot buy CCs on these apps.


Most apps allow you to send private message except for EvaSocial and Gemstori.



4 apps limit the size of each post to 560 characters: Bitclout, Deso, Diamond and Love4src.

DesocialWorld allows 5000 character posts and Beyond 7777 characters, while EvaSocial, Gemstori and MemberCash allow unlimited characters.


DesocialWorld, Diamond and Beyond allow you to configure your notifications. You can select what should or should not appear in the notifications: Likes, Diamonds, Creator Coins / $DESO, Follow, Mentions: 5 tags max, Replies, Reposts, NFTs).


DesocialWorld is configured to accommodate users in 16 different languages. The app allows you to select the language of the interface as well as all publications in a specific language. For example, all publications in Spanish, or in Portuguese, in French, etc.

This feature allows users to group together in communities speaking the same language.


DesocialWorld and EvaSocial allow editing of posts after they are published, which is a very handy feature.


Desofy, Diamond and EvaSocial allow research by hashtags


Desofy allows you to create polls.


Beyond offers an affiliate program: you earn $1 every time a new user signs up using your affiliate link. Your affiliate earns $5.


EvaSocial offers a new feature: Communities. You can create your community where every member can post.

New features are added almost every week, so keep an eye out for each app's updates.


You know what, after 9 long months of just having my Android phone and DeSoFy and pinning for desktop PC to be back online, I still have my phone with #DeSoFy open beside me at all times. The "History" on the creator coins @Ribal built into his App is just indispensable to me, PLUS THERE'S HASHTAGS! & I love the fact that when tagging "posted via @desofy" on my posts & re-posts he sends me 💎s & ❤️Likes in return, & it doesn't have a bunch of side-bar ads of the same people showing up again & again.

But sitting at my desk, my entire existence as I do, I usually have 4 to 6 Nodes open so I can track what's syncing up with the blockchain & what's not to monitor the DeSo Ecosystem, though I work mostly through DeSocialWorld & do my $DESO & Creator Coin work through Diamond App because of the reduced gas fees (literally an unnoticeable difference, but nonetheless I believe less; I may save an 1/8 of a cent per year... LOL) & I feel like my transactions are more likely to be recoded to the blockchain with it being a core team developed Node.

Mainly @DeSocialWorld. their notification setting is very convenient, can find posts in Japanese language, can upload multiple pictures, can edit the posts
To show my DeSo account to the non DeSo users, I use @Gemstori

this is why 💚💜:
the design and the colours♡
Very easy to get an attention ♡
(but there are many problems for Japanese to join and enjoy DeSo…basically many of them don’t trust crypto in general and they think crypto ≒ bad gambling 😆 , and the language barrier)

I use @love4src most of the time.
I like the minimalism of this node, the font, the size of the font, the lack of unnecessary details (icons) 💙
In second place is DeSocialWorld.
This node has a lot of cool features and add-ons 🙏

I flip between @diamond and @DeSocialWorld since I can only assume Diamond is more up-to-date given their connection to core team, but I prefer DSW because of the larger character limit and the fact that they actually had a documented verification strategy ages ago that they quickly and easily implemented to keep their users happy. @Stori is my favorite, however.

I like to use them all desocialworld, desofy, stori & diamond
#desocialworld on desktop is easy to use. I love their community engagement, seeing the extra info like what node you used and curating notifications options plus the post2earn incentive; although I don't think I am ever close
#desofy looks the best, mobile is the way to go, like seeing general stats, users coin history, the ability to have notifications on phone, plus click on hashtags & now polls is fire
#stori is fun to share the moment, make the quick drawing on the phone - it is the most unique- however I could not only use this node- it will require many updates.
#diamond is currently the most reliable (post should not disappear here) also the hashtags work & most important- normally when I go reply to a post like this I will be on diamond because I don't want to lose it, I do my best to reply. #nodes


We asked all apps creators to describe the strong points of their apps. Unfortunately only 2 of them replied: @EvaSocial and @MemberCash. Thank you, guys, you rock!


« I think the thing users will find interesting about member is that it is not just a node with a few CSS changes. It uses a completely different backend, frontend and database. It reads from other blockchains too and other data sources too.
For members that means
- you can follow users from other social platforms (like twitter, youtube etc) alongside deso users
- the discussion layout is much better - it's a tree format, more like a reddit discussion
- Member ignores the 'Identity Swap' command - if Nader tries to steal your username, Member ignores that.
- native use of tags, so you can subscribe to any tag »
Currency: satoshi
The satoshi is the smallest unit of the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Eva's long term goal is to make the transition from Web2 to Web3 as simple as possible and target the general public.
Thank you for reaching out. I will be glad to help you on your article. I will begin by saying that Eva is still in beta so it might still be buggy. The long term vision for Eva is to bring Non-web3 people onto Web3, so it is specifically designed for the ease of use for the user. Some specific features on Eva includes:  
- Full hashtag search compatibility, meaning that you can search for both posts and users on the discovery channel. Also gives you relevant hashtags based on what is currently being written.
New tab named “Debate”. Every week a new post is selected to be the “Debate Post”. Any users who click on that post will be redirected to that post. These posts will be chosen so that many can argue about it. For example, one post might talk about the politics of Mars and will allow people to discuss about it.
The ability to edit posts after sending them. Eva doesn't have a character limit so your posts can be as long as you want them to be.
Customizable UI (user interface). You have the ability to customize your UI to your needs. Ex: You can change the primary color and the theme.
Instead of the normal latest, hot, and following feed in other Deso apps. Eva also comes with a politics, news, meme, and crypto feeds.

Most features in the diamond app ( Note you can’t buy creator coins or nfts on Eva yet as we are trying to make it as user friendly as possible. However the page will redirect you to nftz.me if you want to purchase an nft.)
The fees rate for each action are around the same as they are on the diamond app. We expect to lower them in the future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
As for the identity level currently it is set to 3 meaning that it can view the user's info and can post with the user having to approve but cannot buy creator coins and nfts without the user's approval.

I would also like to mention that like the diamond app, Eva is also open source meaning that anybody can get the code and contribute to make the platform better.

Some future possible features includes:
The ability to log in with your metamask wallet. This will encourage more Web3 user's to join the platform. Alongside this we can also allow people to use their ethereum or matic NFT's as their profile pictures. We also want to add the ability for creators to create exclusive content for user's that holds their creator coins. A better search engine and a recommended tab so that user's find good content faster. Rewards tab. This tab will give user’s quests which they can complete to earn deso. For example: Post 50 messages on Eva to earn x deso.

Some Extra Information:
Name: Eva
Version: Beta
Framework it was built on: NextJs
Release Date: Thursday August, 18th, 2022
Created by a 13 years old

Eva wants to be the first social media to introduce NFT Staking programs.
NFT staking is the locking of tokens on a platform or protocol in exchange for staking rewards and other benefits. NFT staking allows owners to earn income from their collection while retaining ownership.


Long posts and articles: We support 12k articles for posts and unlimited characters for Articles.
EDIT POSTS: We support it
Hashtag: We support it
Polls: We support it
And many more features. Even streams via OBS. Post donations, post analytics, gifts and etc. 

Thanks to @kanshi for his @DesoNinja Node monitor, and to @mashelenn for her DeSo Eco System.

P.S. We didn't mention @Entre as it's an app for professionals only.

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Thank you!

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