#019 (Sep. 2022) The bug that worries the DeSo community

A bug in the DeSo matrix is causing the disappearance of transactions: posts, likes, diamonds, NFTs, money transfers…

First published on August 28, 2022.


For the past two days, developers have been alerting about a bug in the DeSo matrix which is causing the disappearance of transactions: posts, likes, diamonds, NFTs, money transfers… Which caused a lot of concern in the community. The Core Team says they are aware of the issue and are working on it but so far they don’t seem to have a clue as to the origin of the problem which dates back several months.

The discussion started with @StarGeezer realizing that some diamonds he received were missing. But not only diamonds, posts and comments too. He noticed that with the disappearance of his post where he announced the celebration of his 500th day on DeSo, his 3600 followers with a distribution of giveaways.

Other devs and creators quickly responded that they had experienced the same problem.

« I’ve had posts, comments, diamonds, and likes disappear as well », said @gaby. « @Nordian left a comment on a post and it vanished yesterday. I’ve been having to write messages twice so people don’t think I’m ignoring them. :(. »

« Yeah something is for sure wrong » commented @SpunkArt. « I am missing notifications and my giveaway post pretty sure had 34 💎 and now it has 27 💎. I do not know what is going on. Very weird. »

« FWIW, yesterday I transferred Deso from account 'A' to account ‘B’ », explained @Nordian, « and on Diamond App, account 'A' was debited, but account 'B' didn't receive the credit. None of those accounts appeared to have acknowledged the Tx in other nodes.

1 hr later, I repeated the Tx from Bitclout, and it seemed everything worked.

Weird and scary behaviour considering I was transferring funds. »

@Gaike said she had « the same problem last week »; The diamonds he gave and the post disappeared.

« And the same problem with the minting of my 40 NFT’s to giveaway 2 months ago. »

@nathanwells raised the same issue. « I actually have txn logs where stuff disappeared (minting NFTs for my Mint Machine - API responded it was successful but lost in the mempool). Yesterday I sold an NFT manually on Diamond and posted about it and that disappeared as well. This is a huge bug and needs to be fixed. »

@CloutWomenUnite commented that the problem appear on certain apps and not on others: « I am missing lots of notifications and diamonds on @desocialworld but seams to appear ok on the @desofy. »

Many people have commented that this problem has been going on for months and it is becoming urgent to fix it before a large amount of money goes missing. They make calls to the Core Team.

@Lilover: « Been having these issues for a few months now, makes 3rd party nodes scary to use. We need a fix Quick… »

@StarGeezer: « we can't let them get away with this/ignore it. It isn't acceptable. »

@paulburke: « These issues have been happening since hypersync. I've given up on caring about this stuff, tbh. 😞 »

@gaby: « Pls make this a high priority @mossified @nader @ashdeso @LazyNina. 🙏I’ve been having to write messages twice so people don’t think I’m ignoring them. :( »

@StarGeezer: « They've known about this issue for months. Been happening ever since D,D and hypersync hardfork. Very concerning. Won't matter until someone like @dharmesh loses thousands in a transaction. It's the nodes that aren't "trusted". Any mempool (not written to the chain) translations are lost. They know about this and promised it'd be fixed, but hey "coming soon" / "couple of weeks".»

@ItsAditya: « Imagine if it was your CC trade. You thought you made moneys but then get to know txn never made it to block. I and @paulburke have been ranting about this before DAO txns but they never listen. I guess this is a a bug they are well aware of and have no solution of it yet… »

Unfortunately, the developers have been ringing the alarm bells for a long time complaining that the Core Team isn't listening to their grievances.

@Randhir: « I think this is @nader 's fault and the buck has to stop with him. @TyFischer is pulled out of a Dev Advocate role possibly because no one was building anything significant by the time he joined. So, the least that should be done is communicate to the Dev Community what the channels of engagement are (DeSo Discord or that mysterious Slack for example) and whom to tag to get a response, and what the escalation mechanism is. »


The founder of DeSo, Nader, replied that the Core Team is aware of the issue and they are looking for solutions. In fact, he doesn't seem to realize the magnitude of the problem as he asked StarGeezer if a single post was lost or several.

@nader: « Hey @StarGeezer, we’re looking into this. We’re seeing that nearly all transactions that were in our mempool on node.deso.org have been mining. Do you think a lot of *posts* were lost or just one?

If a post fails to mine, unfortunately all its engagement goes with it. But this should basically never happen. »

If you are wondering what is a mempool...

The mempool (or memory pool) represents the transaction waiting area of a blockchain. Once a transaction is verified by a node, it waits inside the mempool until it is picked up by a miner and inserted into a block.

Thus, the higher the number of transactions within the mempool, the more congested the network. This will notably result in a longer average confirmation time for transactions, as these are waiting to be included in the next block.

@LazyNina (dev du Core Team): « We’re aware of the issue and take lost transactions very seriously. We have engineers on the core team monitoring mempools and block mining 24/7 and are alerted whenever there is an issue. We're continuing to monitor the situation, but these types of issues are very difficult to reproduce and debug. The core team will provide an update when we have further information on this matter. »

At the same time, the official @deso announced a campaign in partnership with @MishaDaVinci to raise awareness of DeSo and encourage new users to test the platform.

Maybe not the right timing if the problem of disappearances is not fixed.

@vampirecampfire: « WHY?! would anyone think NOW is a great time for a rush of new users? Usually that doesn't happen until there's been some major improvements to a place- almost like a celebration. "Yay! We just released this new feature! Let's tell everyone and their mom! 🎉" ».

Is this platform serious?…

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