#018 (Aug. 2022) MrDesoLeaks - The Secret Road Map

While the long-awaited roadmap is slow to come out, Mr. Deso reveals a very secret one that no one wanted to see.

First published on August 25, 2022.

Last year, I was working as a janitor in a skyscraper in New York. I had accepted the position on a misunderstanding. I thought they were hiring a genitor. Anyway, one day while cleaning the 125th floor, I overheard a business meeting when all the offices had been closed for hours. Casually, hidden behind a potted plant, I listened to find out what was going on. Seven people were seated around a table and what piqued my curiosity was that they were all wearing balaclavas.

I quickly realized that they were up to some dodgy job.

The one who seemed to be the boss was explaining the agenda: how they were all going to get very rich. « The roadmap », he called it.

Feeling it was something big, I started recording with my phone.

Diamondhands, this is the code name used by the gang to talk to their leader, explained that they were going to create a new cryptocurrency. They would mine 8 million of them and they were going to put the price of Clout (it was the name of the crypto) to $144.00. One guy, presumably the band's accountant, pulled out his calculator and exclaimed, "Wow! That's $1.15 Billion! This is getting interesting! »

"Exactly," said Diamondhands. "And we're going to share this bonanza created from thin air!"

To make it as discreet as possible, we're going to share the loot unevenly on 482 anonymous accounts.

Then, to justify the value of Clout, we will create a social network on a blockchain on which it will be the native currency. And the brilliant idea is that we will pre-populate the platform with 15,000 fake influencer profiles stolen from Twitter! »

" You are a genius!! exclaimed the smallest of the hooded.

"Wait, it's not over, let me continue, » cut off the Diamondhands.

“The genius of the platform is that people will be able to invest in users, much like the stock market except that instead of investing in companies , they will invest in people based on their charisma. To get the ball rolling, we're going to use the money we split to "invest" in fake influencer accounts to boost their popularity ratings and « Creator Coin » price. As a result, new users, the real ones, will invest massively in these celebrities and our initial investment on each name will increase proportionally!

We will win on all counts: by creating the currency, by selling the currency and by multiplying our profits on our investments on fake celebrity accounts! »

"All that is fine, interrupted the accountant, but all these profits are in phony money!" How do we turn that into cold hard dollars? »

"I'm coming to that," cut in Diamondhand who had the answer to everything.

As soon as the exchange platforms will reference the Clout, we will make a massive withdrawal. We will convert the trial by exchanging our millions of Clouts into hundreds of millions of dollars! »

"Whoa, that's going to drop the value of Clout!" exclaimed a tall man at the end of the table.

"Who cares," laughed Diamondhands. "We will have already sold our investments!" »

I could’nt take it anymore. I came out from behind my plant and cried out angrily:

“So new users are going to lose everything they invested? Maybe all their savings?! ». 

Everyone turned to me. There was a moment of silence. Then Diamondhand in a stentorian voice chuckled, "You thought everyone was gonna get a lambo? Really? Really?! » »

The rest of the gang burst out laughing. “Bwahahahahaha! »

That's when I woke up haggard in a cold sweat in my bed. Phew! That was just a dream. Just a dream…

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