#001 (July 2021) NFTs, Nodes, Tools, Contest


First published in July, 2021

This is the first issue of our new Clout magazine - CloutZine! It will be published weekly in English and French. 


NFT par @Oleg_Soroko

The big topic of the moment is the NFT. Indeed, as soon as the platform allows artists to sell their NFTs in CLOUT, this will attract a large volume of transactions as well as a significant number of new members. 

  • @Krassenstein recently said:
    "Imagine when a major celebrity uses BitClout to launch and Mint their first ever NFT.
    Now Imagine how many of their fans will join Bitclout to Bid and Watch the bidding.
    Next imagine a bidding war where that NFT fetches a 6-digit sum.
    Finally, imagine how much demand for $clout there will suddenly be by the bidders, and what that will mean!"

We really need this new blood as the Creator Coins buy and sell volume went from $ 15.8 M in April to $ 1,100M in July, i.e. 15 times less. 

  • On July 9, @Krassenstein bought about 16,740 USD worth of $clout « to get prepared for the NFT launch »!

  •  Regarding the arrival of NTF on Bitclout, NFT Artist @Ghozt didn’t not beat about the bush when he said what he thought about it:
    « NFTArtists, we don‘t need no middlemen. We came a long way as artists to finally be able to not depend on parasites that want to make money off of our shit. We need to get organized and be independent. That’s why I am preparing something for us - stay tuned.
    Fuck the Middlemen! »


@BitCloutNodeDirectory lists the nodes.

On July 4 @Diamondhands announced that it intends to shut down bitclout.com to let community developers take over to manage the platform through their own nodes. He explained that the most qualified people to build the platform for India, Brazil etc. are those who live in these countries and speak the language of these countries.

  • More and more nodes will be created in all countries and in all languages. The @BitCloutNodeDirectory web site will list them. So far they have been featuring 8 nodes:
    - Member Cash in English, Chinese, Spanish and Filipino.
    - TijnClout in English and Chinese
    - HackNode in Russian
    - Clout Black in English and Chinese
    - Love4src to showcase the work of developers. Under construction.
    - Ru Clout in Russian and Chinese
    - Clout Regulars in English and Chinese
    - Clout Español in Spanish

@BitCloutNodeDirectory warns:
« You should always be cautious when using unknown BitClout nodes.
Keep your seed phrase safe!
If you plan on being adventurous we suggest creating a new 'burner' account at least for initial testing and discovery. »

The launching of the Spanish Bitclout node is a great hope for the platform as Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world, after English, Chinese and Hindi.


If you're a programmer and don't really know how to setup environment or you don't have resources to do it yourself, you can still have your own node in 3 minutes (with some limitations).

1. Go to github.com/devclout/BitFlare
2. Click "Deploy on Netlify »
3. Fill out screens
4. Wait 3 min


Created by @tijn


Cloutavista is the best Bitclout search tool according to @Diamondhands


- @diamondhands says that @cloutavista is "a better search tool for BitClout than he or any of the core devs could have built ».


- In the near future, @ToClout will provide a full suite of financial and banking tools and services for everyone.
ToClout launches its first live service: Creator Finder.


- @CloutRecruiter is a central hub to connect with both projects and developers.
Under construction.


- @cloutpick web site allows you to check if a name is available on Biclout, Twitter and as a domain name.
I tried with "meetmeirl": it's available on Bitclout but already taken on Twitter, as well as a .com domain name.
Coin Price: $27.04 

  • The @cloutsights app for Mac OS (and soon iOS) allows you to track the evolution (rise and fall) of your favorite Creators coins. https://cloutsights.com/ 


First @Bitcloutpulse CLOUT Contest - giving away $30,000 in CLOUT, from July 11 to 18

- The top 100 users who trade the most BUY volume this week will split $10k among themselves proportional to their buy volume.
- Anyone who trades at least 100 CLOUT in total BUY volume gets 1 entry into a random drawing for an additional $10,000 in prizes
- If you buy just 1 CLOUT more in creator coins than you sell over the course of the week, you will get 1 entry into another drawing with the same prizes as above.


  • @Hardisk is a French vlogger who makes videos about video. He has 276k subscribers on his Youtube channel.
    He has not yet posted his Bitclout account on his Youtube profile. When he does, the price of his coin is likely to go up dramatically. @Hardisk's current price: $ 39.41. Hardisk has the "verified" blue check. 
  • @qna project is to become the place where clouters get answers to their questions. It’s reclouting questions every day. This kind of account is very popular on Facebook. Great concept, great name and great potential! Coin Price: $63.32.
    What do you do when the clout keeps low and no one is buying your coin?
    @AgustinOlmedo: "I engage and post even more.
    Sometimes I just take a little mind rest without posting for some hours. But then I always comeback stronger.


A normal night for Mr. Clouter.

In the middle of the night, the police kick down my front door. They make me give my seed phrase. And I wake up. 

We hope you like this first issue.
We welcome any comments and suggestions on @CloutZine account.

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Editor and comic strip: @PhilippeMeunier

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