#000 (May 2021) $Clout now listed by one of the largest exchanges


First published in May 2021

$clout now listed by one of the largest exchanges

May 29, 2021

Bitclout currency - or $ clout - is now listed by one of the largest exchanges - Blockchain.com. Trading operations start tomorrow.

Blockchain has over 70 million wallets - users who have hardly ever heard of BitClout. Many of them can be expected to become members of the community! 

Exponential growth of members and transactions ... Bitclout is on its way to becoming mainstream!

First BitClout Community Gathering - Miami, June 3

May 29, 2021

The First Gathering for the Entire BitClout Community - Miami, June 3rd.

Organizers: cloutcon.com

Confirmed Attendees (to name a few heavyweights): 

- Craig Clemens: @craig (10027 Followers,  ~$27,206.47 Coin Price)
- Reade Seiff: @reade (1228 Followers,  ~$6,580.58 Coin Price)
- Jake Udell: @jakeudell (8362 Followers,  ~$18,220.56 Coin Price)
- Nick Giampapa: @nyko, @CloutWallet (1100 Followers,  ~$1,978.59 Coin Price)
- Andrew Sealy: @Andrew7Sealy $107.01 Coin Price. 162k subs. on Instagram
- Brian & Ed Krassenstein: @Krassenstein (Founder @clout4good @equalityclout @bitcloutforums. 9070 Followers,  ~$4,834.11 Coin Price)
- Robert Graham: @RobertGraham (2280 Followers,  ~$2,215.43 Coin Price)
- Joel Northrup: founder of @HYPED (793 Followers,  ~$1,404.39 Coin Price)
- Mike Dudas: @mdudas, founder of @theblock (566 Followers , ~$1,570.27 Coin Price)
- David Fields: @musicdave (1306 Followers,  ~$951.76 Coin Price)

For those who cannot make it to Miami, there will be a CloutCon Virtual Summit on July 29, 2021.

100% of the BitClout code goes public

May 20, 2021


Today, we take the decentralization of social media further than any other project has in the past.
Today, BitClout does to social media what Bitcoin is doing to the traditional financial system.
Today, 100% of the BitClout code goes public.

When we say 100% of the BitClout code is now public, we mean 100%.
As of today, *ALL* of the code powering bitclout.com is now accessible to any developer anywhere in the world.

What does this mean?

It means, fundamentally, that no company or CEO can ever get in between a creator and their followers on BitClout because all of the data and code are now completely, undeniably open.

It means the entire world can now build BitClout collaboratively, unlocking the full potential of human ingenuity.

Together, we will show the world that the we can build a social media product without walled gardens, data moats, or ads.

It's not a secret that there have been some people on the internet who have questioned whether BitClout would deliver on its promise of a becoming a truly open and decentralized platform.

Today, we think those people have their answer. And we hope you'll let them know.

We have a long way to go from here. The code and infrastructure still need a lot of work to get them to the level where we can really compete with the ads-driven juggernats.

But opening everything up is the first step, and now we can all take BitClout to the next level together.

Dr. Elizabeth Markle: the « sharky behaviour » on Bitclout

May 20, 2021

Great interview of Dr. Elizabeth Markle on the 1st Bitclout Virtual Summit yesterday. She addresses the issue of the « sharky behaviour » on Bitclout: 

« They are like: "Get them when the first get on the platform. Buy the first 10 coins before they can even get their own and wait a few hours and then sell them and make a quick profit!"

Ok, that’s what’s one way to play this game and that’s going to make it the kind of platform that nobody wants to be on.

If we are all playing for each other, for a world where everybody wins, how would this work?

GiftClout is an amazing example of that, and CollectiveClout is another: "Whenever somebody invests $3 or more in CollectiveClout, we invest $5 in them" ».


Stats: Purchasing is down, Posting is up

Stats show that Bitclout platform members have significantly slowed their purchases and sales of Creator Coins. After the euphoria at the beginning, people realized that you can lose money by buying without really having analyzed the situation. So people seem to be more cautious.

On the other hand, the level of activity, after a drop following the peak of March 8, we see that the number of posts has been increasing regularly since March 24.

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